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The Mountain of Hell 2012– Mountain biking ride in Les Deux Alpes

On the 13th of July more than 300 riders will meet in Les Deux Alpes for the big free ride mountain biking competition, the Mountain of Hell, that turns to the 13th edition this year.

The ride will go on for 3 days and consist in 2 races and 2 unbelievable routes.The most attended ride is the 25 km downhill riding from the top of glacier, through an unmarked route.

Mountain bikers will pass through snow, rock, steps, single track while the altitude will drop from 3400 mts to 900, a real challenge for the international mountainbikers. All has to be done in about 40 minutes.

All these is what makes of this competition the Mountain of Hell. Altitude, complicated and unpredictable tracks and lot of fun seems to be the life motive of this incredible event in Les Deux Alpes